Needs comma


  1. Or we could go with artistically dramatic punctuation. DO. NOT. STEAL. PRODUCE. Reads like a film trailer now.

  2. I wanted to write something flippant but I just agree. “Do not steal” suffices and “produce” is sound advice.

        1.  Careful, they’re trying to build a chain of mis-remembered qoutes, all leading to one another. They’re walking softly and carrying a big zuchini, if you know what I mean ;-)

  3. Punctuation is important.  Sometimes a comma is all that stands between an invitation at a happy family gathering and that same family resorting to cannibalism.

    (“Let’s eat, Grandma!” vs “Let’s eat Grandma!”)

    1. Or the importance of the apostrophe in preventing polygamy:

      “Those old things in the corner are my husbands.”

  4. A definite article might do as well, Do not steal the produce.

    Perhaps this is a left over sign from some Occupy march.

    1. Don’t even get me started of random use of quotation marks, just don’t.

      A common and baffling exanple is the use of quotes around “Ice” at gas stations.  Is it some sort of hipster ironic thing? Is it fake “Ice?”

  5. tut. tut. you guys don’t know of which you type, the queen would not be proud of your use of her english.
    note the judicious use of exclamation points as well as all caps, plus the addition of a definite article.
    in addition, i have removed the cloaked invocation of the protective angels and installed the curse of bambino.
    hail satan!  he shall ruul you allllll!?.//!::?  (note the satanic invocation of misspellings and poor gramur–hail, hail satan)

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