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100 Responses to “Samuel L. Jackson drops F-bomb on Saturday Night Live”

  1. That was effing awesome.

    • Boundegar says:

      Well I for one am horrified.  If I wasn’t, then who would care for the Hypothetical Children of Midnight?

      Also, does anybody actually watch network TV any more?

  2. Beryllium9 says:

    He says he only said “FUH”. I haven’t seen it yet, so I dunno :)


    • Brian Blank says:

      I was watching it and it did sound like he said “fuh”. Was it planned or did he just catch himself? Not sure. But he definitely said “bullshit” loud and clear.

  3. chrisv says:

    He also said “this is some bullshit” right afterwards.  And that was awesome too.

  4. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I can’t believe that you can’t say ‘fuck’ at 11:30 at night.  What the fuck is up with that?  Shouldn’t children be in bed?  And isn’t fucking the proximate cause of children, anyway?

    • Beryllium9 says:

      I’m Canadian – I find the uproar hilarious whenever this sort of thing happens … :)

    • Gulliver says:

      Especially after the wing-nuts gets rubbers outlawed.

    • bzishi says:

      The morality police never sleep.

    • robuluz says:

      It’s un-fucking-believable. You know, we had the Daily Show uncensored in Australia for a while on the government free to air network, ABC2. Then something happened with licensing, and a cable network got sole rights again, and it was back to being beeped.

      It was amazing how much difference it makes. The whole rhythm of the show is different and fluid. The beeps are like a mosquito.

    • aliktren says:

      wait…. what ? – he said this at 11:30 at night and this isnt ok ??? – really ?!? – wow, think British TV got over itself about this sometime in the 80’s… ahh the Tube, you are sadly missed… does Homeland get cut for US audiences then ?? – people swear all the time.

      • Rindan says:

        If the first amendment ever gets trashed for good, you can rest assured that the FCC will w00t and cheer.  Fucking assholes.

        The way the current fucked up laws works such that cable can do whatever they want, but broadcast has to adhere to a bunch of puritanical rules under the excuse that is broadcast through the air.  To some asshole judge somewhere, this makes all the difference.

        That isn’t even the whole story.  Technically, cable can do whatever the want.  In practice, they don’t.  You will see no nipples or almost no f’bombs on cable.  There is then another tier of paid for content that comes in on top of cable.  HBO and Showntime and the like are in this third magical category.  For them anything goes.  Nipples and F’bombs for everyone.

        There is a reason why I don’t own cable.  I’m an adult.  Apparently, the only way to watch adult programming is to buy it off of the ‘tubes.

        Fuck the FCC.  Seriously, fuck those guys.

      • hassan-i-sabbah says:

        I’m pretty sure the word “fuck” is in the opening credits.

    • Steve says:

       No.  kids are awake 24 hours a day.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

         Yeah, but they can fuck off if they think they’re watching TV in the middle of the night, the little shits. I’m not telling them again…

    • Mobi Mktg says:

      It’s natural to expect Samuel L. Jackson to say that…it’s sort of his signature saying – like you would be surprised if you saw Michelle Bachmann, and she didn’t say something stupid – (though I would like to say (imo) if you want to talk waste of money, it would be that really lame skit – it’s never been funny, a total waste of airtime, and I’m honestly surprised they keep pulling it out – the writing room needs new talent.)

    • benher says:

      Hey, does the pope tweet in the woods?

  5. yupgiboy says:

    I don’t think the FCC regulates networks after 11pm, so an f-bomb would be legally acceptable. NBC standards and practices, however, is another story.

    • Dave X says:

       Nope, that’s not quite how it works. You’re thinking of the “safe harbor” times of day– from 10pm until 6am. “Indecent” and “profane” stuff is allowed during this time, but not “obscene.” Of course, the FCC’s definitions of these terms are completely bizarre and unhelpful, so it really works out to mean that they get to do whatever they want.

      • Wreckrob8 says:

        Does the FCC think naughty words are a safety, security or health risk and therefore part of its remit, or what?

        • Dave X says:

           As I understand it, these decisions come from an understanding of television as pervasive media (or invasive, I’ve seen both terms used.) Basically, it means that you can turn on a TV (and they apply this to radio as well) and have it unexpectedly saying “fuck” to you or your kids, or whatever… and although this is entirely the case with a channel like HBO, they don’t worry about it there because you can’t get HBO over the airwaves, you have to pay for it directly. I don’t agree with it, but that’s what the situation is.

          • chgoliz says:

            But there’s no requirement for television news programs to tell the truth about actual events?  I find Fox “News” to be the most pervasive media EVAR and they get to fucking make shit up.

  6. zmbabwe says:

    It sounds to me like there’s a “k” sound at the end of the utterance.  Maybe he intended to say, “fuh” but it came out wrong, or maybe there was some other noise in the studio right as he said it?

  7. BarBarSeven says:

    I’m so proud to live in a country where saying “Fuck!” in the middle of the night on a TV show for adults results in thousands of dollars in fines. No serious gun control laws worth talking about, though. But cursing? This, we nailed. USA! USA! USA!

    • Gulliver says:

      I’m afraid our nation isn’t particularly exceptional in regards to convoluted censorship laws. It’s actually kind of interesting how many varied ways different cultures have found to tell each other what they’re not allowed to say. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of STFU.

    •  Freedom is the solution, not the problem.

  8. Yellow Hornet says:

    Should’ve said “monkey-fighting” instead.

    • euansmith says:

      Alex Cox was asked to do a TV version of Repo Man to be shown on BBC, he settled on “Melon Farmer” and actually preferred the dubbed version to the original. On the same season of films, the BBC got David Lynch to edit Blue Velvet for violence and language, and ended up with a longer version of the film; extra language, extra violence.

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      One of our local morning radio shows had an absolute field day with this.  Probably because it’s on a Canadian radio station and Usian prudery is some funny fucking shit.

  9. cstatman says:

    shut the front door!   :P 

  10. carlos jugo says:

    Americans are strange

  11. dhani says:

    He only said Fuh. He did say bullsh*&

  12. dhani says:

    He said Fuh. And bullshit

  13. I heard “fuh”. In any case, I can’t picture anybody who would be offended by the word “fuck” even watching SNL in the first place, sooo who the fuck cares?

  14. doniphon says:

    This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.

  15. euansmith says:

    I wonder if Misfits gets shown in the USA. The characters in that are very sweary. If you’ve not seen Misfits, imagine Alphas with more profanity, violence, sex and dead probation workers.

  16. peterskater says:

    Am i alone in not being able to hear the f-bomb on the embedded clip that Xeni posted?

    Anyway, more details about other incidents of saying fuck on SNL here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072562/trivia

    • NateXT says:

       Nope, i can’t hear it either. But his accent is pretty heavy.

      Any folk care to tell us at what point on the video he says fuck?

      • otterhead says:

        Partial transcript from what I hear:
        Keenan: I want to thank my guest, the incredible Samuel L. Jackson!
        Sam Jackson: Man, fuh!
        Keenan: Hey! I don’t… so… c’mon, Sam!
        Sam: This is some bullshit!
        Keenan: C’mon, now! That costs money.

  17. ffabian says:

    This is news in the US? Stop the press – someone said fuck on the telly! I knew USian in general are puritan/prude but thats just ridiculous. 

  18. I’m just waiting for his new audiobook narration, “Go the FUH to sleep”.

  19. Terry Fairbrother says:

    When ever a US / Canadian / etc personality come to the UK they are always amazed that they are allowed to swear on the TV, light cursing is ok up until 9pm, with stronger late in the evening.

    So for me its the halarity of the situation rather than the swearing itself

  20. Drabula says:

    Yeah, as a Yank living in the UK for 5+ years I can only roll my eyes at this nonsense. It’s SO refreshing here to be able to watch uncut films on the telly. I’ve lost track of how many movies I’ve seen here and either forgot or never knew there was cursing and nudity in them! How come the conservatives get to crow about an imaginary war on Christmas but no one hollers about the very real Christian war on culture and art in general? Don’t adults in America get tired of being treated like children watched over by a purse-faced Sunday school teacher?

    • Cowicide says:

      Don’t adults in America get tired of being treated like children

      Hey! American kids can still go out and get their legs blown off in oil-strategic countries for rich people any time they want!

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      You’ve lived outside the US long enough to have forgotten that nearly every statement that comes out of the right-wing is chock-full of projections.

  21. SedanChair says:

    Oh, Sam Jackson. I liked you before your job became saying fuck.

  22. Mitch_M says:

    When I was 6 years old I figured out that people on TV didn’t talk like real people and didn’t say the same words we said on the playground when adults weren’t around.

    Can you say the Arabic word “fak”, which is the imperative of “to think”, on television? Can you pronounce the name of the French town “Pussy”?

  23. The expression F-BOMB fucking cracks me up. Like its such an explosive, incendiary, seismic, dive for cover event when somebody throws all caution and social propriety to the wind and drops that f-bomb.

  24. CaptainPedge says:

    In other news, Keenan from Keenan and Kel is now a spitting image of Lenny Henry

  25. otterhead says:

    Yes, Sam, it’s pretty easy to believe that Keenan blew his line.

  26. Kevin Pierce says:

    There was plenty of profanity, not limited to Mr. Jackson’s words, during “12-12-12″ The Concert for Sandy Relief, which I watched over the air via Thirteen, NYC.   I was so traumatized I made a donation!

    Some channels showing the concert apparently felt the need to censor:

  27. ahecht says:

    I’m more offended that SNL still thinks people like “What’s Up with That” sketches. It was barely funny the first time, and given that it only has one joke, it has no business being done 9 different times.

    • Navin_Johnson says:

       Looks like it’s a good way for them to have surprise guests do cameos so it’ll probably be around for a while..

    • Brianne Archer says:

      To each his own. I could watch Jason Sudekis do the running man all 90 minutes every single week. 

  28. Purplecat says:

     I think it’s time to review the best way to respond to ridiculous censorship over naughty words:


  29. cellocgw says:

    Dropping in to point out that a very successful  TV series substituted the nonword (in our time and galaxy, anyway) “frak,” and they frakking got completely away with saying ‘frak’ whenever the ‘frak’ they wanted to.  Everyone knew what it meant and the FCC ignored the whole thing. Reminds me of the infamous Lenny Bruce thing about “can’t say cocksucker, so I’m going to say blah my blah, you blahblah-er”

  30. James says:

    OOOO OOO EEEE What’s up with that? I say what’s up with that?

  31. waetherman says:

    What’s strange is that they didn’t cut it out. I know it’s live, so you’re saying “how could they cut it out?” Well I actually interviewed for the job of SNL censor a number of years ago, and that job basically involved reviewing scripts making sure there wasn’t anything too bad in them, but it also involved being “on the button” every Saturday night during the live performance which it turns out is actually delayed by 30 seconds or something, giving the censor a chance to cut audio for that portion of the show. At least that’s how I understood the job. Either I’m misremembering or the guy on the button fuh’d up, and now he’s in deep shit.

  32. drawboy says:

    It’s outrageous! My children were asleep at the time, but fortunately I DVR’d it and was able to play the clip for them several times this morning. They were very upset each and every time I hit repeat.

  33. Cowicide says:

    It’s basically 2013 and we’re still watching videos of television screens and still have people having conniptions over curse words…. sigh…

  34. 10xor01 says:

    I wonder whether this was really impromptu, or a PR stunt like Janet Jackson’s nip-slip.  I hate to imagine a room full of TV execs doing a cost-benefit analysis of Mr. Jackson dropping an F-bomb, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.

    • Greg Murphy says:

      I thought this was obvious. These little “slip-ups” are practically written into the scripts nowadays. It’s how Jimmy Fallon got famous. Low quality television programming.

  35. xzzy says:

    It is funny to me that BB obfuscated ‘fuck’ in the headline, but has no issues posting nudity on their front page. 

    Is that to prevent problems with the RSS feed or something?

    edit – I just noticed the Onion story further down the page uses ‘fuck’ in the headline. So I don’t know what the heck is going on!

    • toyg says:

      BB is a blog, not a newspaper — the Boingers don’t actually follow any strict rule about what they post or how, different posters have different standards and so on.

  36. shecki says:

    Just like Rick Santorum said “Blah people.” Mmmhmmm. I notice Sam’s lips quiver just after he utters “Fuh,” as if he was catching himself. Always one of my all-time favorite actors. He probably just punched up their ratings.

  37. Navin_Johnson says:

    They said “Dick” on SNL last week. I honestly didn’t know they could do that either. “Bitch” has crept into use in recent years too. I guess it’s just a matter of time before “fuck” gets its pass..

  38. krake says:

    Well, as The Onion put it, “Fuck everything”…

  39. Mark Kernes says:

     You’re right: The FCC provides a “safe harbor” for exactly that type of language, which runs from 11 pm to (I think) 6 am. This is a big deal over nothing.

  40. snipehunt says:

    The real crime is that Carrie Brownstein didn’t get to say ANYTHING (wondering if she was paid for the appearance)

  41. “Below, Jackson’s tweet immediately following the incident. Do you believe him?”

    I Think at this stage ill believe anything Samuel L Jackson says to me.

  42. US’ians don’t support hate speech laws, because freedom, and yet saying a swear word on Television AT NIGHT is a big deal.


    Makes sense.

  43. I had close-captioning on, it said “mother farter” LOL … 

  44. James says:

    Samuels Jackson’s epitaph “RIFMP”