Dating sims broaden appeal


9 Responses to “Dating sims broaden appeal”

  1. warpinsf says:

    Looking at the screenshot, I thought the guy behind the “restore purchases” button was the player’s avatar. This assumption led me to believe that it was an entirely different sort of broadening the game’s appeal — until I read the article.

  2. pizzicato says:

    Eduardo is such a hipster, bet that eye patch isn’t even real.

  3. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    The modern version of “Mystery Date”

  4. oasisob1 says:

    Hatou = pigeon?

  5. Daemonworks says:

    There’s been female-oriented dating sims (and related genres, like nurturing games) for something like 10-15 years…

  6. gastronaut says:

    My favorite example of asian boyfriend simulator weirdness is the CleverBot-esque Boyfriend Maker (language NSFW).

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