Jony Ive introduces Apple's latest

John Herrman is brilliant.


    1. Looked like regular meat leftovers from cutting-up. It is a traditional high quality ingredient for saussages that they grind very fine and mix with other ingredients. Its probably a high quality hot dog if the clip shows most of the process, they even smoke it with real smoke. Today you probably need to find a small scale factory to get the same quality. Now im hungry…

  1. I’d hardly call that brilliant. The concept was chuckle-worthy and merited about 5 seconds of viewing, but really? Very little of the dialog synced up with what we were seeing in the video. He’s talking about machining aluminium edges of an iPhone while they show the hot dog production line. Like I said, chuckle-worthy, but I’ve seen better Apple parodies already this week and it’s only Monday.

        1.  The reason is “Pedantry”.

          Answering humour with pedantry is not only futile, but also counterproductive. You get to be seen as pedant asshole while the rest of the public gets to laugh over the production of sausag… er… iphones.

          1. They awesome thing is that the pedantry was technically incorrect–the discussion of metal edges was clearly timed to match the appearance of the metal meat enclosures rather than the meat itself.

            But that’s the problem with trying to nitpick humor: the attempt alone indicates the presence of whoosh; the kind of concrete mindedness that misses half the fun.

          2. This: “the discussion of metal edges was clearly timed to match the appearance of the metal meat enclosures” is pedantry.

            Pedantry in defense of half of what was very little fun to begin with.

    1. I’ll go with brilliant. Not for humor, but the realization that for a serious design head like Ive, pretty much any high-tech prod line qualifies as porn.

  2. Pink slime will result in substandard battery life and voice quality!  This is why I buy all my smartphones from local artisans at the farmers’ market.

  3. As Otto von Bismarck so very nearly said, those who like smartphones and sausages should never find out how they are made.

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