Atoms - smart bricks for kids to build interactive projects

Michael Rosenblatt says:

Wanted to tell you about my latest project, ATOMS - plug and play functionality for kids and Makers. No programming or electronics experience necessary to get started. You just plug sensors into actuators, and stuff starts working. We even have a Bluetooth 4.0 brick, so you can control and read ATOMS from an iOS device.

Check out this quick vid that we made, showing Amie (11) using our IR Transmitter, and IR Receiver ATOMS, and an exploding ATOM on the receiving end - added to her IRON MAN costume to blow up the bad guys. This took just 5 minutes for her to build.

Kinda neat, and we're heading toward building a big library - for kids and makers. (I'm also using ATOMS to add some features to my real Land Rover Defender. Hope to show that at Maker Faire.)

ATOMS Express Toys at Kickstarter