Cards Against Humanity: data on pay-what-you-want holiday pack -- plus $70K donation to Wikimedia

Andrew, sez, "Cards Against Humanity (the Kickstarter-funded, adult version of Apples to Apples) made a 'pay what you want' holiday expansion. They published the results of the experiment."

Camille adds, "The results are detailed and interesting...they list out their costs and revenues, with a map showing average price paid by state, and a fun exploration of what they could buy with the profit they made ($70K). And the best part is...they didn't buy any of that stuff, and instead made a generous donation to Wikimedia!"

Cards Against Humanity: Pay-What-You-Want Holiday pack (Thanks, Andrew and Camille!)


    1. I’ve never heard of The Private Bank. I went to their website, but it didn’t help me to figure out why they are so cool? 

    1. Sadly I think you will need to wait and hope they do this again in 2013… that is if the Mayans were wrong.
      In the mean time I will gloat at having my own answer card that says Elf Cum.

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