Found: a child's drawing for creating a prosthetic limb

My friend Bob Knetzger, who is a toy inventor and does amazing preliminary sketches of his creations, came across some hand-drawn plans for a prosthetic limb. He says:

While on my usual lunchtime walk last summer I saw this piece of paper on the ground and picked it up.

I love this drawing, obviously done by a young maker.

I don't know who [the kid] is but I like how s/he shows the tools and material needed for this project: wood, saw, glue and pensile (sic).

Draw the shape on the wood, then cut it out with the saw and glue it to the kid, replacing the missing hand!

I'll bet the person who drew this plays Minecraft!


    1. It’s elective surgery for kids who think they’ve lost their cuteness.  I had a similar procedure done — a guinea pig was glued to my shoulder after reckless primary school instructors robbed me of my former ignorance.

        1. I was really hoping this was a post about prosthetic lambs. I give that child like 2 out of 5 stars on yelp because their drawing of how to make a prosthetic limb is only a fraction of the awesomeness that a drawing of a prosthetic lamb would be.

          Prosthetic lamb sounds like a vegan meat. Maybe made from soy and gluten.

  1. I just wonder if this is the wistful dream of some poor kid that doesn’t have  right hand, or some kind of modern Geppetto who wants to replace his body parts with wood.

    Or maybe it started out as a drawing that would get kids expelled from school these days, and when teacher came around the class to see what everyone was doing, a couple rapidly conceived edits changed the tone to something positive.

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