How to make giant bubbles

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When my family and I had our epic fun day at the beach recently, we brought along a bottle of bubble solution. The included wand made wimpy bubbles, so we made a larger wand out of sticks and strands of seaweed. It worked pretty well! Today we decided to take bubble making to the next level by making a giant sized bubble wand. Here's how we did it.

You need 2 eye screws, 170 inches of string (cut into a 70-inch piece and a 100-inch piece), a washer (we ended up using two smaller washers instead of this ludicrously big one shown here), and 2 sticks or dowels at least 2 feet long.

Insert the eyes screws into the ends of the sticks.

Tie the ends of 70-inch string to the eye screws. String the washer on the 100-inch string and tie the ends to the eye screw.

Pour bubble solution (buy it or make it) into a bucket or painting tray and have at it. It's best to move slowly. Don't be discouraged; it takes a while to get the hang of it!

YouTube has lots of great giant bubble videos.


  1. I find that if you use something akin to lace ribbon that it holds the bubble solution better, and leads to larger bubbles due to the string not ‘drying out’ in areas. Sort of like the little grooves on the plastic wands. Of course you will need to enlarge your eyelets on the ends of the sticks, to maybe 1/2″ or more (maybe use a plastic napkin ring Sugru’d to the end?) so that the lace can move freely.

    Experiment to see which lace works the best: Stuff with lots of little holes? Or maybe the ones with great big holes? Synthetic or natural fibers?

  2. We found, that for smaller hands, the edge of a t-shirt is a great large bubble maker.  If you cut off the bottom edge, which is heavier due to being several layers of t-shirt, you get a nice heavy-duty fabric circle.  Dip in dawn dish soap solution and make your massive bubbles!  Just holding the tshirt sort of arms length apart makes giant bubbles really easily.  And if you want smaller large bubbles, than just cut off the arm edge!  Plus this solution is nearly free, as who doesn’t have a few t-shirts hanging around to use!  

  3. This is a wonderful thing!

    Which makes it wholly inappropriate for this forum. I come here expecting cententious articles on hot-button political and culture-war topics. Shame on you!

  4. Sponsored by Hyundai… Whats this sheit…
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    1. The Greatest Blog Ever Sold?
      Why not sponsored by the VW Thing Owner’s Association Of North America?
      Then the music posts have a huge link on either side of this comment column.  What is it, State Farm?

      Huyndai ain’t too bad, in fact it’s a great, sensible vehicle, but I get you, yet I also give Mark the benefit of a doubt, a truly smart man, but is he also savvy and clever enough to NOT go too far down the rabbit hole?

    1. Agreed!  Mark seems to be raising a well-balanced Nobel Prize nominee and having great fun while doing it.
      But triangular bubbles in free-form state?  I don’t believe they exist.

  5. Thank you for reposting Mark, I was having a hard time sharing the video on the previous. This one works! :)

  6. Screw YOU Frauenfelder,…   for STILL having GREAT Hair.   I mean, seriously, do the decent thing and go bald like the rest of us!    :P     (fabulous work with the kiddo, mine LOVES your ipad recommendations)  thanks!

  7. Making bubbles is easy. Making bigger bubbles is harder because you have to get the gloopiness of the soap just right. It also helps if you have the new Santa Fe from Hyundai, featuring more front and rear headroom, plus signature Fluidic Sculpture design language for up to seven passengers to blow big Hyundai-shaped bubbles.

    That’s nice, Bones, but how about we go blow some bubbles over the case-file?

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