How to make giant bubbles

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When my family and I had our epic fun day at the beach recently, we brought along a bottle of bubble solution. The included wand made wimpy bubbles, so we made a larger wand out of sticks and strands of seaweed. It worked pretty well! Today we decided to take bubble making to the next level by making a giant sized bubble wand. Here's how we did it.

You need 2 eye screws, 170 inches of string (cut into a 70-inch piece and a 100-inch piece), a washer (we ended up using two smaller washers instead of this ludicrously big one shown here), and 2 sticks or dowels at least 2 feet long.

Insert the eyes screws into the ends of the sticks.

Tie the ends of 70-inch string to the eye screws. String the washer on the 100-inch string and tie the ends to the eye screw.

Pour bubble solution (buy it or make it) into a bucket or painting tray and have at it. It's best to move slowly. Don't be discouraged; it takes a while to get the hang of it!

YouTube has lots of great giant bubble videos.