Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway face off: Whose movie is sadder?

Because "nothing says 'the holidays' like slaves and whores," Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway -- stars, respectively, of Django Unchained and Les Misérables -- have taken part in a joyous and spirited debate about whose movie this Oscar season is more depressing and bleak. (Language NSFW.) (via Funny or Die)


  1. Let’s be honest; Sam Jackson is the better “angry” actor, while Anne Hathaway is the better “sad” actress.  It’s fun seeing them both working hard to not take themselves seriously.

    1. Yes, but while it’s not surprising to hear Sam Jackson say “mother fucker”–in fact I think it’s in his contract that he has to say it in every movie–there’s something disconcerting about hearing such language from the girl from “The Princess Diaries”.

      1. They should make a sequel to this skit where Jackson acts Hathaway acting Fantine, and Hathaway acts Jackson acting Django. Have the two characters bump into each other at a vending machine or something, see what happens.

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