Nexus: fast technothriller about transhuman drug crackdown


14 Responses to “Nexus: fast technothriller about transhuman drug crackdown”

  1. miasm says:

    Never having taken drugs, I resent the implication that they can have any positive evolutionary effect on the mind.

  2. Al Billings says:

    I look forward to reading it.

  3. Paul Renault says:

    Is it available as an eBook?  So, y’know, I could read it on my, er, y’know?

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    Sounds a bit like your story 0wnz0red, Cory. Any comparison? 

  5. min amisan says:

    OK, I’ve added it to my reading queue… but it’s behind at least two more Neal Stephensons and a couple of Kurzweils, so I’ll be living in the near future by the time I get to it.

  6. Ioannis says:

    Any news on an ebook? Amazon UK only do paperback.

  7. dwightriot says:

    Read it. Wasn’t impressed. Same old same old.

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