The giant bubble people of Central Park


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  1. I know how cold it can get in the northern hemisphere in December and I wonder if this reduces the viscosity of soapy water, making it easier to make huge bubbles.

  2. MollyMaguire says:

    I have done the giant bubble thing before at parks and outdoor birthday parties. Everyone loves it. Maybe the parents even more than the kids, who are usually just obsessed with popping them. But if you’ve got some sciency-minded adults in the crowd, everyone starts talking about surface tension, refraction of light through the bubble wall, the effects of humidity; neat stuff. 

  3. Is he capturing one of these giant bubble people with that device?

  4. Hi Mark there are some oc us here in LA that love doing this.  I always had a fantasy of meeting at the park in front of the Rose Bowl with a bunch of other giant bubble makers and we all make giant bubbles.  Also here is a good group to join on Yahoo regarding bubble making.

  5. Cowicide says:

    Amazing composition.  Just had to run this filter on it to see what it would look like…

  6. Ramone says:

    The picture, while impressive, is a smidge of letdown given the headline.  ;)

  7. Robert says:

    Damn, those bubble-people are giant! And they’re posing like they’re sitting on that bench.

  8. Sekino says:

    With the three ladies in the bubble, it looks like some modern seance to summon the Norns… 

  9. amyharmon says:

    I liked the suggestion, from an FB friend, that they are the daughters of Glinda 

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