Actual USGS science feature: "Will the World End on December 21?"



  1. I like how it isn’t actually an article about the world ending, and is actually all about disaster preparedness.

  2. Since this millenial eschatology doom-lusting isn’t going to disappear after the Mayan Disappointment, what’s the next one? What is the next “prophecy” or illuminati conspiracy after this one?

    Apophis in 2029/2036 seems too remote. Next year’s possibly glorious sundiving Great Comet will certainly trigger some hysteria if it gets as impressive as some predictions.

    But what’s five or ten years away that the doomsday-hysteria sellers will settle on? Or something farther off that could be pulled into the prediction timeframe? Transhumanism? AI?

    It would be awesome if this energy were diverted into concern for the legitimately apocalyptic concerns of antibiotic resistant diseases, climate change, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity… but that never seems to happen. Is there something about solvable problems that make them unappealing as doom-memes? The 2000 bug is the only one I can think of that both caused hysteria, and was a real problem that got fixed with a massive mobilization of resources. Perhaps the cold war nuclear arms race, but that only shifted players.

    1. Still a couple of decades away, but I’m guessing somebody is going to make a big deal out of the two-thousanth anniversary of Christ’s crucifixion circa 2033.

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