Dieselpunk sculptures from New Zealand

Rob Murdoch sends us a link to his site, where he posts, "Science fiction themed retro looking sculptures of machines, animals etc all made from recycled machinery. Built in Dieselpunk fashion and of very high quality and design!"

They are indeed super cool. Alas, there appears to be no way to buy 'em! Rob, if you're reading this, please drop by the comments and let us know whether and how to buy these things.

Enjin Art System.For The Best Industrial Sci Fi Sculptures This Side Of Jupiter! (Thanks, Rob!)


    1. Hm. Depends. Unfortnately depending on the ‘era’ of car use you run into things like atomic punk, cyberpunk, and all.

      However a retrofuturism movement based around the car and all that could and was done using oil I could see.

    2. combustion engines really should fall under the dieselpunk aesthetic which will get even more popular as petroleum becomes more of a luxury. i thought about a possible plasticpunk in the future but we’ll always have plastics even if we gotta mine the oceans for it

  1. Alas, there appears to be no way to buy ’em!

    Why do they have to be purchasable? Can you not be satisfied by the mere fact of their existence? 

  2. I ask this in all seriousness: has anything NOT Totally Cool *ever* come out of New Zealand?!

    Oh, wait–the Kim Dotcom debacle. But that wasn’t an artistic endeavour (or was it?!), so I suppose it doesn’t count.

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