Dieselpunk sculptures from New Zealand


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  1. Kenmrph says:

    Some time long after Peak Oil, will there be a Gaspunk movement/aesthetic?

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      Hm. Depends. Unfortnately depending on the ‘era’ of car use you run into things like atomic punk, cyberpunk, and all.

      However a retrofuturism movement based around the car and all that could and was done using oil I could see.

    • machinestate says:

      combustion engines really should fall under the dieselpunk aesthetic which will get even more popular as petroleum becomes more of a luxury. i thought about a possible plasticpunk in the future but we’ll always have plastics even if we gotta mine the oceans for it

  2. Beanolini says:

    Alas, there appears to be no way to buy ‘em!

    Why do they have to be purchasable? Can you not be satisfied by the mere fact of their existence? 

  3. I ask this in all seriousness: has anything NOT Totally Cool *ever* come out of New Zealand?!

    Oh, wait–the Kim Dotcom debacle. But that wasn’t an artistic endeavour (or was it?!), so I suppose it doesn’t count.

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