How to make a simple motor


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  1. MollyMaguire says:

    Wow, I remember making one these in grade school nigh on 30 years ago but had completely forgotten about it until now. Real deja vu.

    • kmorgana says:

       See, this is what I keep telling people. When I talk to younger kids today, I’m surprised how LITTLE they know, or know how to do. The most simple things we were taught in school (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and all the cars were black) from “how things work” to Basic Latin (you can learn ‘new’ words with that- plus understand medical terminology, among other things) say, ‘classical’ knowledge is now something someone has to find on some specialty site as if it’s some incredible gem. ALL KIDS SHOULD KNOW THIS STUFF! adults too- I am surprised this is even spotlighted like it’s something special.. sad..

  2. The energy is from the battery. Why people would call that “free” is beyond me. Then again, I remember my youth, and my fantasies about mounting a wind gennie on a vehicle :P

  3. theophrastvs says:

    There’s an even simpler motor that can be built with those parts (well, a circular cross-sectioned magnet would help), called a unipolar motor (or “homopolar”) which, i confess i do not understand (letsee… left-hand rule on a helix…. hmm)

  4. Itsumishi says:

    I like this even simpler design.

    *Edit* I see I’ve been beaten to the punch with something very similar.

  5. bolamig says:


  6. TNGMug says:

    I remember having to do this in high school physics. Ya high school, but it was sort of presented as a puzzle of magnetic field shapes and you had to figure out how to build it yourself, rather than just a schematic to build.

    If memory serves, it was actually kind of a pain to get it balanced.

  7. I love these. Like others- I remember making these in school probably 35 years ago. After making one in school, I made several at home for fun. I wanted to find a way to make one power a toy car, but they just don’t have enough power.

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