18 Responses to “Ko Xiny covers My Bloody Valentine”

  1. Still haven’t figured out how these mediocre webcam covers always seem to make it up here…

    • oasisob1 says:

      I like the voice. Probably other people do, also. That could be it. It’s certainly more of a wonderful thing than another thread about the most recent mass murder, or drones, or the WBC or the RIAA…

  2. Cowicide says:

    Beautiful voice and guitar work.  Thanks for posting this, David.

  3. James Holmes says:

    Holy reverb!

  4. roblord says:

    Gorgeous. Thanks David. 

  5. mappo says:

    Sweet Jeebus what a voice!  Thank you for this.

  6. There’s a second guitarist off-camera, right? It doesn’t look like she could be doing both the strumming and picking melody.

  7. C D says:

    One of my favorite MBV songs….she does it well. Kudos

  8. legsmalone says:

    Nope. You know what was awesome? MBV playing MBV songs.

  9. Edward Arthur says:

    Most excellent.  What would be cool is for a song / rendition like this to appear on The Voice or The X-Factor – which would wake my out of my slumber since my wife/kids are always watching these shows.  

  10. Ladyfingers says:

    Breathy, with glottal fry. 

  11. niktemadur says:

    Well for starters, she’s got impeccable taste.
    And yes, she pulls it off.

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