Ko Xiny covers My Bloody Valentine

The young, talented Ko Xiny of Singapore covers My Bloody Valentine's "When You Sleep." (Thanks, Steve Oda!)


    1. I like the voice. Probably other people do, also. That could be it. It’s certainly more of a wonderful thing than another thread about the most recent mass murder, or drones, or the WBC or the RIAA…

    1.  Also, the visual of the strumming doesn’t seem in sync with the sound, yet the singing does. Confusing.

      1.  Actually, I clicked over to the comments to say how well I thought this cover worked. The fact that you can strip away all the complex layering and distortion in the original and still have a wonderful song is a credit to MBV as songwriters.

        But crap this makes me feel old. I just realized this song is twenty years old.

  1. Most excellent.  What would be cool is for a song / rendition like this to appear on The Voice or The X-Factor – which would wake my out of my slumber since my wife/kids are always watching these shows.  

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