Red-nosed reindeer are real


6 Responses to “Red-nosed reindeer are real”

  1. nvlady says:

    I think you’re cuuuute!

  2. mccrum says:

    But are they mocked openly by their peers and forced to play by themselves?

  3. jackbird says:

    Did the researchers examine the effects of social ostracism on their navigational abilities?

  4. Gavron says:

    I’d like to see a Reindeer on a treadmill. 

  5. You know what they say; big antlers and red noses are chromosomal indicators of bodywide chimeric sexual structures and yeast resistance. J. Elven Flight Ungulate and Hyperlocal Conveyance just has a really difficult subscription license where you can’t have hurt a tree and pay with forest mana, or we’d know more.

  6. Emma Green says:

    Aww! Cute little guy! I can’t believe they got them to run on treadmills – now that is awesome!

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