Retroreflective Scarves by Diana Eng


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  1. Andy Reilly says:

    This needs to be required for the Seattle hipster-ninjas who think it’s better to walk around the dark, rainy, sidewalk-less, rush hour streets of Seattle. You’re fighting rain, sunset at 3:30pm, and oncoming headlights but people still act surprised when you can’t see them until the last second.

  2. fss says:

    Diana Eng and I are getting old but we still haven’t walked in the glow of each other’s majestic presence.

  3. cinerik says:

    Go a little heavier on the reflective qualities and these might be a hit with celebs trying to avoid paps with flashes

  4. Spocko says:

    Que the Product placement experts
    “Hi So I’d like to embed the name of our company into these. How much?”
    Diane: “Well it depends on what the product name is and how much you want to make.”
    “I want to embed the name of our new movie Transformers 4 Ghost Protocol” in to shirts, jackets and scarfs and give them to our new stars as well as sell them to unaware buyers of black hipster wear.”
    Diane: $2.4 million to license 5.5 for me to do the work.
    Product placement experts:
     Will you take a check?

  5. David Hart says:

    My talented friend Amy has been doing a similar thing here in Australia for a couple of years now. She caters mostly to urban bike riders who don’t want to wear ugly gear. Her company is called Wovenspoke. Check it out on Facebook.

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