Retroreflective Scarves by Diana Eng

Fashion designer Diana Eng has created a beautiful retroflective scarf. She says:

I love the lightweight scarves everyone is wearing indoors, outdoors, and in many different configurations. So I decided to create my own with subtle stripes of tiny retroreflective lenses on the fabric. What normally appear as grey stripes, illuminates with reflected light when exposed to a direct light source. It makes people do a double take to check out what you are wearing.

See a video of the scarf's reflective properties.

Available here

See more Diana Eng posts on Boing Boing.


  1. This needs to be required for the Seattle hipster-ninjas who think it’s better to walk around the dark, rainy, sidewalk-less, rush hour streets of Seattle. You’re fighting rain, sunset at 3:30pm, and oncoming headlights but people still act surprised when you can’t see them until the last second.

  2. Go a little heavier on the reflective qualities and these might be a hit with celebs trying to avoid paps with flashes

  3. Que the Product placement experts
    “Hi So I’d like to embed the name of our company into these. How much?”
    Diane: “Well it depends on what the product name is and how much you want to make.”
    “I want to embed the name of our new movie Transformers 4 Ghost Protocol” in to shirts, jackets and scarfs and give them to our new stars as well as sell them to unaware buyers of black hipster wear.”
    Diane: $2.4 million to license 5.5 for me to do the work.
    Product placement experts:
     Will you take a check?

  4. My talented friend Amy has been doing a similar thing here in Australia for a couple of years now. She caters mostly to urban bike riders who don’t want to wear ugly gear. Her company is called Wovenspoke. Check it out on Facebook.

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