Solved! UChicago's Indiana Jones mystery package


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  1. jarmstrong says:

    Of course it was thrown off the plane in Hawaii. No ticket.

  2. Brainspore says:

    Q: “Where’s that package I ordered?”
    A: “We have top men working on it. Top. Men.”

  3. voiceinthedistance says:

    As a resident of Hawaii, I can attest to the fact that quite a lot of things happen to or are inflicted upon mail here.  The Post Office quite often has trappings of an “adventure” theme in how they operate.  Falling out of a registered mail envelope with no signs of the original packaging is almost to be expected.

  4. Finnagain says:

    The fragile ones go in that bin way over theeeeeeeeere! 3-pointer at the buzzer!

  5. chgoliz says:

    I love the fact that the creator is allowing UChicago to keep the package and is making a new one for the purchaser, and that the journal is going to be part of a new exhibit at the Oriental Museum about real-life archaeologists.

  6. flickerKuu says:

    Or its a viral for the upcoming Indiana Jones Movies starting production.

  7. Won’t somebody do the Indiana Jones travel map animation?

  8. DavidP says:

    Upon visiting another lab in the Medical School where I work, as often times can be found in the reception area of the office in many departments, there are quotes from famous scientists. In this case there were three: one from Albert Einstein, one from Mary Curie and another that caught my eye…

    Engraved in the attractive glass door in giant letters it read: 

    “Nothing shocks me. I’m a scientist.” –Indiana Jones 

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