SpotLoss - bluetooth object tracker


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  1. dragonfrog says:

    …create a computer log that shows when your son or daughter comes home at night.

    That’s not creepy at all.
    Unless I suppose your son or daughter turns off bluetooth on his or her phone before coming home?  Or the phone’s battery dies, or “dies” every evening, obviously before curfew.  If I began using such an app to track my daughter, I would expect nothing less of her.

  2. Kevin Pierce says:

    $29 is too damn much.  Knock a zero off the price and they’ll have a winner!

  3. technosean says:

    I’m supposed to applaud another way to spy into people’s lives? We can’t raise kids without surveillance these days? Do unto others. Not cool. Rather it reeks of bad parenting. Two thumbs down.

  4. Zhasu says:

    StickNFind seems like a better solution to the same problem. To me at least.

  5. Marc45 says:

    If I was compelled to monitor my children’s comings and goings to that degree, I would have to re-examine my parenting skills.

  6. Daemonworks says:

    This will be all the rage amongst stalkers.

  7. joe k. says:

    tl;dw. Video/audio production values please?

  8. Glen Seeber says:

    Using this might prevent babies in car seats from being left behind in the car — an alarm as you walk away could save the little one’s life!

  9. ocker3 says:

    I had this idea back in 2000, but didn’t have enough motivationt to actually do it *sigh*

  10. bcsizemo says:

    If I was going to track my kids I would do it via their cell phone gps…  Who cares what time they come home, I want to know where they’ve been.

    And if I wanted to know when people came and went from my house I’d just install a security DVR.

  11. TNGMug says:

    Monitoring the comings and goings of teenagers, and thus being a gadget of “helicopter parenting” may not exactly be in the best interests of young people that are supposed to be getting ready for self-sufficient adulthood, but what about my 4-year-old who occasionally strays from the yard, or just walks out the front door unannounced?

  12. Adam Coe says:

    also, what 4 year old carries keys? *

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