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8 Responses to “A "magical" wedding proposal, captured on video”

  1. brerrabbit23 says:

    Good gravy, I needed that today. Thanks for sharing, Xeni. Good luck you guys! It’s gonna be awesome!

  2. Milo says:

    Holy buckets, I was a grinning idiot while watching this. Best wishes to you both!

  3. Dave Horton says:

    How refreshing and touching. Took away my sadness for just a bit. Thanks!

  4. drukqs says:

    These are manly tears, goddammit.

  5. Cowicide says:

    Xeni, how dare you post this and get me all choked up when I was minding my own business being all serious and stuff?

  6. Brainspore says:

    “Watch the Amazing Sean as he makes the internet’s cynicism… DISAPPEAR!”

  7. fergus1948 says:

    Goodness Gracious! My wrinkled old eyes actually welled up with real tears there!

  8. Harbo says:

    To Sean Andrea and Xeni,
              Have a great Christmas, and a better rest of your lives. I will never meet you, but will remember you often, with great affection.
    Thank You