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4 Responses to “Ambient jam from Buddhist chant boxes and electronic tanpura”

  1. chaopoiesis says:

    machines of loving grace

  2. Qarly Canant says:

    Very cool! I could see this kind of jamming being really neat between people with several iphones, each playing a different song or chant. Maybe it would be a group meditation or maybe it would be a group dance session!

  3. wwww says:

    gotta admit, weird to see the need to define the term “meta” in that wired article.  I was 9 when that was published, I had no idea the term was so new in popular usage.

  4. subhan says:

    Check out http://www.riyazstudio.com/ Riyaz for the best software-based electronic Tanpura around.  It will easily out-perform one of those little boxes.  No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.