Basement was once used to print newspapers, now is a fiber-optic interchange


6 Responses to “Basement was once used to print newspapers, now is a fiber-optic interchange”

  1. tmburke says:

    For anyone interested I have a set of photos shot in News International’s old Wapping (East London) campus when it was abandoned (and before it was sold). Printing presses were gone but a vast array of cool stuff left behind.

  2. Ian McLoud says:

    Sitting and thinking… there has to be a Portlandia tie-in somewhere…

  3. Patrick says:

    It’s just tubes.

  4. social_maladroit says:

    The Oregonian has a story up about it. They say it wasn’t them using the basement as a print shop at the time…

  5. Dallas McNally says:

    Has everyone who likes this post read “Mother Earth, Motherboard” by Neal Stephenson? It’s lengthy (took up the whole mag BITD) but brilliant.

  6. Ashen Victor says:

    Truly a wonderful thing!

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