Social media turns into boring old media


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  1. Jay Converse says:

    But, but, but it’s time for Profit!

  2. Halloween_Jack says:

     The title is nonsensical; social media hasn’t turned into “boring old media”, its founders have simply been bribed into attempting something evil to get them even more money than they’ve already got. And, as per usual, contra Gordon Gekko, greed isn’t good because it makes people stupid, in this case leading these social media moguls to forget that their users can use the social media itself to protest being screwed over, or to plan moving to a slightly less evil alternative. Simply being or attempting to be evil doesn’t make a corporation “old media”, as the likes of television networks and newspapers hardly had a monopoly on it.

  3. Marya says:

    I’ve been inspired to reinvest (my time/effort) in my personal site.

  4. Drabula says:

    I’ve worked hard to create original content for my site(s) since 1998. It’s always been hard to attract traffic and the lazy facebook disease only made it harder, but I’ll keep it up. It’s about all I know how to do at this point.I just hope people somehow regain the strength to click that mouse away from aggregates and help support the “little guy”.

  5. Kaleberg says:

    In many ways this is an opportunity for some ISP or ISP service packager and reseller to build an app based service that lets people create their own websites and link to their friends. If they are interconnected by Facebook like “posting” and Twitter like “notifications”, and easy enough to use, this could be a growth area. Judging from existing ISP pricing, this service could start around $1/month, but that there are enough people growing weary of Facebook and Twitter to feel that it is worth a few dollars to have more control.

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