Go opt out of Instagram's bullshit arbitration clause, right now

Instagram may be heading for a partial do-over on its 100% Cask Strength Terms of Service Shitshow, but it's still cramming an arbitration clause down its users' throats, which means that you can't sue them no matter how they screw you over. Unless, that is, you opt out of the arbitration clause. Which you should go do right now.


  1. I think, before consumers get comfortable, the scheming top exec has to be fired.

    Otherwise, the DNA which caused the problem will scheme again

  2. I was going to go and do that, then saw it involved writing a letter and mailing it. Then I realized I have all of 4 photos in Instagram, so I’ve grabbed them and closed my account. I was going to just right-click and save as, rather than use some app to do it, but it seems you can’t right click and save pictures. So I’ve used OpenPhoto to grab them. Looks like a good service/app.  http://theopenphotoproject.org/

      1. I know what you mean. The letter is to opt out of the arbitration clause – that might be because it’s more “legal-y” to have a signed letter. Deleting my account was easy – go to Account page, link at the bottom, Are you sure?, Are you really sure? Boom.
        What was interesting was the statement that I would not be able to sign up again using the same username. Suspicious?  Or is there a good database reason for that?

        1. So unilaterally enrolling a userbase in arbitration prohibition is legal-y, but opting-out isn’t. I’m not a lawyer, but I’d think there’s a consideration angle available to challenge the clause simply by dint of the imbalance of requirements.

  3. This forced opt-out tactic is bullshit. Much more important than instagram is Paypal has pulled the same tactic, and the opt-out period is running right now. 

  4. I deleted my Instagram account and the mobile apps as soon as I read what they were doing.  Only had four photos, so phooey on them. Will do my photo tweaking with Camera Awesome and post to Tumblr and Flickr instead. Should have know that FB would pull something like this.

    Never heard about the Paypal deal at all. Will check that out.

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