Never work with animals or children

In which my daughter shows that she's a million times the podcaster her old man ever was.


  1. “MY DAD IS WRONG!” :D

    I can imagine Poesy in the future, being confused why many of her peers are anxious about public speaking, an activity that she will no doubt enjoy :-)

    1. “MY DAD IS WRONG!”

      Sounds like Cory has finally met his match, should be careful she doesn’t get headhunted by the MPAA.

      That seriously adorable, happy holidays boingboing.

  2. My favourite part was “and they shouted out with 1337” – she’s getting started on the netspeak early! :D

    1. Came to say that I think the “shouting out with 1337” and “you’ll go down in mystery” achieved a perfect balance!

    1. Most British accents are non-rhotic and are more than happy with epenthetic non-etymological intervocalic r’s in certain positions. Nothing sounds more stilted to us than purists trying to remove them.

    1. You have to work to get fed. A great British tradition (like the workhouse?) which the Tories are determined to reintroduce as fast as possible.

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