Wool 6 & 7

If the only new author I'd been introduced to in 2012 was Hugh Howey, then 2012 would have been a fantastic year. His series Wool is the best set of kindle shorts I've read, bar none.

To avoid spoilers, Wool is a tale of discovery that shines through the open holes in its backstory. Howey takes advantage of the short form to create an amazing and full world, skillfully letting you imagine huge swaths of history. Parts 6 & 7 represent a prequel trilogy, First Shift and Second Shift tell part of the story, the beginning.


  1. I read & loved the Wool series thanks to BoingBoing.  As a matter of fact I’ve picked up a number of Kindle titles courtesy of posts on BB.  Recent purchases from BB recommendations include The Last Policeman, Tears in Rain, Don’t Eat Cat, and Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.  Thanks BoingBoing!!

    1. I was about to write almost exactly the same post. I loved the Wool series and just picked these two up on the BB rec. I also bought most of the same books (although I haven’t read all of them yet).

      So yeah … thx BB.

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