520hp VW Bus

A Porsche 911/993 twin-turbo engine in a Microbus. Awesome! Beats the pants off my '87 Westy.

(Thanks Mike Amster!)


    1. My understanding is that for a period of time, VWs and Porsches had a lot of interchangeable parts, and engines could be easily swapped in.  In fact I once got picked up hitchhiking by a dude in a VW van who claimed he had installed a Porsche engine (but we didn’t quite put it through its paces as in the video).

      1. Thats an aircooled bus with the last aircooled 911 motor. We used to call my old 1955 Pre-A 356 Speedster “The world most expensive Kharma-ghia” Very similar cars, very different collectibility. 

      2. Yes, this is true– many VW and Porsche parts were interchangeable back then, in fact if you went to a shop and asked for the Porsche part they would charge you more than if you asked for the VW part, even though they both came out of the same bin in back.

      3.  I knew a guy who had dropped a Porsche engine into his VW Beetle with modifications to drive-train and suspension (improvements but not just yoinked from a 911) so it didn’t just destroy itself. From the outside it looked just like an old crappy Beetle. I was in it once at a red light when a Honda pulled up and did the “race?” head-nod. We just flew away from the line and it was the most hilariously terrifying quarter mile of my life. The people in the Honda were laughing their asses off at the next light.

  1. I wonder if all the cars it’s passing are yielding to it, scared that it could roll over on them.  The video counters my expectations though, I assumed it would corner like a loaf of bread.

    1. I am sure they put in heavier struts and shocks to match the engine. They might have filled the back with sandbags to lower the center of gravity. A regular Bus or Westie would have tipped over in the first curve without a better suspension and possibly counterweights. 

    1. Thanks for clarifying, I was thinking that’s what it had to be because the positioning of the steering wheel and the pedals is totally wrong for a bus.

    1. I imagine the heater works as well as the heater in a 911 plus the heater in a VW bus, which is to say “no, it doesn’t work.”

  2. This brings back fond memories of the original San Francisco Rush arcade game, which gave you the option of racing through SF in a VW Bus.

  3. This might look like a VW bus; but if  you check out the build gallery on his website at http://www.race-taxi.ch/ you will see that it’s more of a tube frame race car wearing a bus skin. He’s running the complete suspension and drivetrain from a twin turbo 993 Porsche.

    1. Yes. I had a 67 bus and a 70. That vertically-oriented steering wheel is just WRONG. It’s a bus shell on something else, entirely.

  4. I’m sure that will come in handy next time he needs to pull 3 fifteen meter trailers in tandem across the Australian Outback.

  5. A far cry from when we put three canoes on a VW van and headed for the mountains, realizing too late that it would only do about 10 mph over the mountains.

  6. We had a Porsche engine in the aircooled VW camper van my family drove when I was a kid.  It didn’t make it go fast, though – just made it work after the stock engine died.  Or maybe that’s just the way my folks drove it.  We got rid of it soon after when they tried to change a tire and the jack went right through the rusty frame-like substance without lifting the car.

  7. I wonder if they transferred the sensor from the donor VW van that makes it break down whenever you’re far from home, forcing a complete draining of your bank account? That was about the only reliable feature on my old 1980 Westy…

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