Apocalypse weekend weather forecast


15 Responses to “Apocalypse weekend weather forecast”

  1. Just_Ok says:

    Weather forecasters never get it right.

  2. Gary Quick says:

    A little late.

  3. jandrese says:

    I know local news has a pretty loose relationship with facts and math, but seriously, how can someone who calls themselves a meteorologist screw up a simple Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion?  

    For reference 1250F is roughly 667C, still plenty hot, but nowhere near 1147C.

  4. 10xor01 says:

    Still cooler than Tucson on a bad day.

  5. Phos.... FourDots says:

    This might have been mildly amusing if I hadn’t already seen it posted in several different versions elevnty dozen times on Facebook…last week.

  6. margaretpoa says:

    That’s hilarious but it keeps their perfect record of being perfectly wrong intact.

  7. LinkMan says:

    This one was better.

  8. noah django says:

    cloudy with a chance of meatballs?

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