YouTube confiscates 2 billion views from Universal and Sony


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  1. Cowicide says:

    entertainment giants got their ears pinned back after they were caught buying fake “likes” and “views” from a crooked botmaster.

    Isn’t that corporate fraud or something illegal like that? IANAL, obviously.

    • Florian Bösch says:

      Seeing as there where likely ad-revenue payouts based on this, I’m pretty sure it’s fraud. Mostly advertising providers don’t go after offenders of viewfraud/clickfraud because the economic damage is comparatively small and the cost of entering legal proceedings would exceed the damage. They usually just ban offenders for life, or a very long time.

      However viewfraud/clickfraud to the tune of billions is bound to be enough to pay a couple lawyers full time for a couple years, so they might just.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    What about VEVO? They are ripe for this. 

  3. PhosPhorious says:

    There are more than a few videos that I would like to un-see.

  4. xzzy says:

    Are Universal and Sony going to have to return all those theoretical dollars they made off those view?

  5. Max Allan says:

    And these are the companies who try to fine people gajillions of units of currency for illegally downloading their crap. How about for every fake page view, someone gets a free download.
    The sooner these dinosaurs fade away the better.

  6. Xof says:

    I hope YouTube does the right thing and distributes those views to the poor.

  7. Yarmouth Bands says:

    It wasn’t just the big guys it was every honest Youtuber. They nailed everyone including those that did nothing illegal. 

  8. Baldhead says:

    Often wondered what counts as a view. I’ve seen plenty videos where it was just crap and switched off after maybe 8 seconds. Does that count as a view?

  9. robcat2075 says:

    “Corporations are people, my friend,” especially to their imaginary, paid-for friends.

  10. nixiebunny says:

    I consider views of my videos to be a bit of an ego boost, but nothing more.
    Are you trying to tell me that some people consider them to be worth something more? 

  11. ocker3 says:

    It couldn’t have happened to a nice group of guys

  12. Culturedropout says:

    Oh, the delicious DRM-flavored irony… XD

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