Lord Buckley meets Groucho Marx

Nothing says Christmas like jazz poetry, and nothing says jazz poetry like Lord Buckley's appearance on You Bet Your life. If you only watch one 10-minute video of a jazz poet trading quips with Groucho Marx this holiday season, make it this one. Bonus: a totally unsubstantiated comment on the YouTube page says that Buckley's partner is actor Amy Poehler's grandmother.

Lord Buckley / Groucho Marx


  1. I swear. This is like the eighth time in the past year a video I posted on my Facebook has shown up here within a week after. The synchronicity is strong in this one.

  2. It’s fun to see and hear Buckley’s boisterous banter with Groucho (easily his intellectual match)

    Here’s a slightly more seasonly-appropriate Lord Buckley doing his faster-than-the-speed-of-light Be Bop synopsis of “Scrooge”

    Lord Buckley – Scrooge

    PS – out of context it makes little sense, but my favorite LB vocal fragment is “WHO WAS DRIVING WHILE YOU WERE GONE?!”

  3. It’s not likely to be Amy Poehler’s grandmother.  Amy’s mother was born Eileen Frances Milmore, not Chapman.

  4. Groucho was my grandfather and I still remember, having landed myself a summer job in 1973, archiving all of the “You Bet Your Life” shows, sitting with my grandfather at his house watching numerous episodes, including this one, which he particularly enjoyed.

      1. I actually managed to turn a summer job into a two-year job archiving all the shows.  The best thing was sitting with my grandfather every afternoon as we watched episodes of the show and he would comment about each one and the things he remembered!

    1. While the two players’ microphones are out in the open, Groucho’s microphone has been hidden by some leafy plant, and in post-processing, airbrushed out of the scene (pre-photoshop!).  All three microphones are the classic RCA 77-DX ribbon mics.  High quality audio, despite the artists moving around the soundstage. 

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