Roast dinosaur for Christmas


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  1. Kevin Pierce says:

    Meanwhile at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, in Manhattan…

  2. edgore says:

    Ostrich. There you go.

  3. margaretpoa says:

    Dinosaurs probably tasted more like beef than chicken!

    I dunno. Therapoda might taste more like chicken.

    • chenille says:

      It’s a mistake to think that because birds a line from dinosaurs, we should assume all their features were bird-like by default. There’s millions of years of change separating our birds from even flyers like Archaeopteryx – longer than between pigs and whales.

      Dinosaurs weren’t crocodile-bird intermediates, they were each a living thing with its own specialties. The type of analysis in the article, trying to reconstruct them on their own terms, is a much better way to understand them.

      P.S. And yes, I know we’re supposed to take “dinosaur” as including birds, but in my experience it only serves to encourage this sort of mistake.

      • margaretpoa says:

        Yeah….I was being silly. Sorry about that. I won’t assume you have a sense of humor again.

        • chenille says:

          Sorry. It was a general response; if your particular comment was just the bird joke instead, that same assumption still shows up right below it.

          It makes me wonder, though…how will you know when you’re addressing me?

  4. zotlerg says:

    How do they know it tasted like beef? They don’t even know what most dinosaurs really looked like or what colour they were.
    Although, I bet they tasted like Rhino…

    • Scott Elyard says:

      They do have color in some cases:

      A better candidate for theropod flavor is probably ostrich or other ratite, maybe with alligator. I’ve had the latter, but none of the former, but Raven tells me ostrich tastes like chickeny beef.

  5. CHilke says:

    But we already eat dinosaurs. We even have a holiday dedicated to it:

  6. Scott Elyard says:

    I’d always figured the Flintstones went out for Mammoth or Indricothere ribs.

  7. Rich Keller says:

    Just think of the turducken variations…

    You could take an apatosaurus, stuff it with a diplodocus, put a tryannosaur inside that, cram a hadrosaur into its ribcage, shove a deinonychus in there, somehow, ram that full of a compsongathus that’s embedded with a microraptor. Only then can we begin to talk about sauces and wine parings.

  8.  “Dinosaurs probably tasted more like beef than chicken!”  And as such, “Old World Monkeys” are more like Turtles than they are like “New World Monkeys” because, of course, the more distantly related two things are, the more similar they are.  Duh.

    • Rich Keller says:

      Didn’t Groucho Marxstone say something like that?

      “And east is east and west is west and if you take stegosaurus and stew them like archaeopteryx they taste much more like allosaurus than mosasaurus does. Now you tell me what you know.”

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