Unpublish old tweets with the Shame Eraser


5 Responses to “Unpublish old tweets with the Shame Eraser”

  1. Wreckrob8 says:

    Haha. If only it were that easy. You may erase your shame from the page but never from your head!

    • orangedesperado says:

      The shame should properly reside in your soul, and serve as a prickly reminder to do better, be kinder, etc. next time.

  2. i hope someone develops an old-tweet archive site to combat this.

  3. Chevan says:

    Isn’t Twitter archived by the Library of Congress as well?

    • Data1001 says:

      That’s what I heard, Chevan. Everything publicly tweeted is saved forever by the LoC, so delete what you may, future generations will have a record of you talking about how that late-night lasagna gave you horrid indigestion.

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