Chipmunk Christmas, slowed down to original speed

AKA "Satan confers with His minions". The MP3 link blogged here some time ago is sadly dead.

"Put it on repeat and you'll drift gradually into madness - it's like an acid flashback to fetal languor, the surreal sounds that filtered through the uterine wall." — Sean Michaels


  1. This is so great!  I think I did this with an LP back in…  well…  the 20th century.  But as a kid, I never noticed how exaggerated their enunciation is.  Probably they did a first take with natural voices, and found it was unintelligible.  There’s some craftsmanship to this.

    1.  My cousins and I used to take one of those mini tape recorders with speed selection and make our own chipmunk skits. We got pretty good at the timing and switching back and forth for regular voice parts. Great times were had by all! :)

  2. Speeding up can also be funny.  If you play the LP of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire at 45 rpm, it’s Dolly Parton’s voice you hear.

  3. Can anyone verify they actually produced the songs this way?  I had blithely assumed they just used a Fourier Transform to shift the voice frequency. (And, yes, there were FT techniques available even in the analog days)

      1. Analog fourier transform curcuitry is AKA ring modulator, and it makes really bizarre sounds.  Instead of doubling frequencies, it shifts them by a fixed amount, so the harmonics are all wrong.  Everything comes out sounding like a bell.

        1. …or a Dalek (ring modulators were used in the old days, don’t know if they still do, but it wouldn’t surprise me) – Dalek chipmunks, there’s a spooky idea…

    1. I’m presuming it wasn’t just the songs – or was there another way to make the dialog sound like that without using this method? (taking into account Rob’s comments about FT)

  4. My friend Paulie had that very album (I remember the calendar page) and a turntable with a 16 rpm setting (for “talking books” records). It was very eerie, hearing the singers’ natural voices.

  5. Even more festive than Cyriak. You rawk, Rob.

    ‘Tis the time of year to give thanks, so thank you Boing Boing!

    1. The Judeo-Christians got nuthin on Saturnalia, the winter holiday of human sacrifice, ‘festive’ rape, and property destruction.  Caroling used to be naked and gingerbread men are echoes of alleged cannibalism.  Anagrams can go back to their tame corners now.

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