Grendel as Grinch

Ross sez, "I was reading Thomas Meyer's great new translation of Beowulf when the annual showing of The Grinch came on. The potential for a mash-up overwhelmed me, and this is the result."

Every Scylding in Heorot liked mead a lot,
But Grendel the beast, roaring outside did not.

Grendel hated Scyldings, the whole Danish clan.,
Can I say why? I don’t think I can.

He spied on the Scyldings, he fumed and he wailed.,
He watched as in Heorot they drank mead and drank ale.

Grendel as Grinch


  1. If you’re interested in Thomas Meyer’s (fabulous) non-archaic Beowulf translation, please consider going directly to the website of the bold, brave, and innovative independent press that is publishing it (with FREE downloads): Punctum books. It’s a more accurate link than the Amazon page (plus, you know, free downloads). If Boingboing could add in this link, I’m sure many folks would be very grateful:

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