"Not sure where you got this photo": Zuckerbergs trip in Facebook privacy maze

Buzzfeed's Jack Moore posts a Zuckerberg family photo, made public after Randi Zuckerberg forgets how Facebook works.


    1. He’s got that, “Plebs; you are amused by the simplest things.” look going on, that combined with a hint of surprise.  (Surprised that people find the “poke” app that god damn funny.)

    2. He looks more comfortable at a shirtless bear convention, in this photo that was oopsidentally posted by FB’s Director of Engineering.

  1. Does Mark share his enormous wealth with his family?  The overreactions in the picture makes me think so. Must be difficult when even your family is comprised of “yes people”.

    It’s also kinda funny how Randi doesn’t maybe think the problem could have something to do with Facebook’s purposefully confusing, shitty “privacy” settings.

    Is Randi being purposefully obtuse or is she simply dense?

    1. Oof, good point about the horribleness of even your family being on the “yes” bandwagon. I’m amazed he’s kept as sane as he has, or appears.

    2. Dude. You can project that from just a single photo?

      They’re just your typical well-off Westchester family:  http://nymag.com/news/features/zuckerberg-family-2012-5/

  2. Yup, it’s happened — I find the reactions to posts about Facebook/Zuckerberg far more nauseating than Facebook/Zuckerberg.

    The main reaction is along the lines of “oh my god, how could his sister not know?!” — which is weird because you’d figure my friend with a mechanic as a brother could fix my car himself, right?

    Reactions to anything Facebook related are the most hyperbolic statements I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    1. You don’t have to be a mechanic to know how to drive, right? I think it’s fair to point out that Ms. Zuckerberg might have known better, and the inherent humor in the fact that someone with that last name is whinging about her online privacy.

      1. Hah, good point — probably wasn’t the best comparison. But man do I love car comparisons. 

        My point was that it doesn’t make sense that Zuckerberg’s sister knows anything about Facebook privacy just because her brother created Facebook. Maybe it’s telling that an average person can’t figure it out — but it’s not like she’s a Facebook expert simply through association.

          1.  People are derp missing this point and the big one about her basically saying F your privacy.  Karma.

    2. I think it’s like saying your friend with a car designer for a brother, who works on his staff, should know how to drive your car himself, if you own a car his brother designed.

    3. “Reactions to anything Facebook related are the most hyperbolic statements I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

      Ha, good one!*

      *apologies if you have never heard/seen discussions regarding firearms, religion, medical procedures, and a never-ending supply of ISMs to wit your statement may not in fact be jokey hyperbole itself.

    4. You might expect your friend who runs the books at mechanic shop that his brother works out might know a thing or two about cars though. Not because they’d have to, but simply because they would be surrounded by cars on a daily basis. 

      Randi did work for Facebook. I would assume that almost everyone that works at Facebook would at least be aware of the controversy of Facebook’s privacy settings.

    5. Reactions to anything Facebook related are the most hyperbolic statements I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

      …you’ve never seen a post about anything Apple-related on a popular site, have you?

  3. On my Facebook there is a “Poke” from an acquaintance that is 3-4 years old and unanswered. I guess there is some new version of “Poke”ing to be done now? I will never know.

  4. Pretty cheap insult about “human decency.” Selling the image for profit would seem to meet the standard of “human decency” set by the Zuckerbergs.

    I notice they have a Komondor. It looks a bit short of maturity. That’s about when it decides it’s the alpha and will attack anyone that doubts that sentiment. Fits.

  5. This is all staged. The photo is clearly an ad for the new “poke” app, and they are pretending that somebody tweeted it without permission in order to get people interested in this “poke” phenomenon.  Nobody looks that astonished unless they’re acting, and you notice that everybody is looking at their phones with great amazement all at the same time.

    1. This how conspiracy theories get started. It’s the phenomenon Cecil Adams of straightdope.com once referred to as something like “Grrrr, Monsanto!” No standard of evidence is needed, because gosh, it just SOUNDS like something The Enemy would do.

      (If you’re kidding around, my apologies. I’ve just been reading partisan political snipes all day and I’m tired of fakey little “gotchas” substituting for evidence-based criticism.)

  6. This was the ribbon on the icing on the cake. ‘Human decency’ to ask before posting someone’s personal info. From a Zuckerberg!

    1. New Headline…
      Randi Zuckerberg admits family not human…
      Just ask the FB user who became the face for the 50 gallon barrel of lube.

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