Free beer for life (and a Nobel Prize)

I'm trying to decide which is more awesome: That a Danish beer company once had a laboratory that did research in protein chemistry and funded independent scientists ... or that said beer company gave Niels Bohr an unlimited, in-home beer supply as a gift in honor of Bohr winning the Nobel Prize. (Via Charlie Papazian)


  1. Sure, you get the admiration of your colleagues and peers with the Nobel Prize, but at the end of the day, free beer is free beer.

  2. I’d thought that the Carlsberg brewery was at least partially under the control of the Crown, if not wholly so, making this the very best kind of hono(u)r… 

  3. There’s gotta be some conspiracy behind this, you don’t just give a guy free beer for life. That is.. unless you’re trying to get him to avoid saying or doing something.

    I wonder what he discovered that a brewery wants kept out of the public eye! 

    Marijuana beer maybe? Bacon beer? Baconijuana Beer?

    1. Yeah, unless it was caffeinated beer, they weren’t doing the world any favors.

      (Well, OK, I suppose it could have been beer that went well with coffee…)

    2.  Oil companies.  He was close to figuring out infinite free energy.  Mysterious death at a prominent point in his research would have raised questions.  They bought a brewery, installed infinite free beer in his house, and his research did not so much fly as plummet. 

  4. Deal still in effect, the little lovely villa is still given, free of charge to promising scientists (and their families). But limits have been made, think you can live there for a max of five years now, Niels Bohr stayed for 30 or 35…
    …Know because I went on a (drinking) Tour of the old brewery recently….

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