Randi Zuckerberg: not sharing my photo is a matter of "human decency"

Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend's photo publicly. It's not about privacy settings, it's about human decency — Randi Zuckerberg

After accidentally making a private photo public on Facebook, Randi Zuckerberg is lecturing the world on "human decency" in the wake of its spread across the 'net. The level of grandiosity and entitlement, from someone so deeply involved in creating the rat-maze that encourages these mistakes, has Dan Lyons in angry form.

How awful this must have been for you! How... invasive. What a violation. How terrible that someone might take something that belongs to you and use it in ways that you had not anticipated, and for which you had not given explicit permission! What kind of world are we living in when just because you post something on a website someone else can just take your stuff and do things with it?

And yet, yet, there's something weirdly contrived about the whole thing, which just happened to be a photo of Zuckerbergs ostentatiously enjoying a new Facebook feature.

I know there's a word for people like this, but I'm not a psychologist, so will instead just say that maybe they aren't quite like you and I.