Chewbacca bandolier inspired messenger bag


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  1. gandalf23 says:

    I have a nice messenger bag already.  Wonder if they’ll sell just the shoulder strap?  I’d buy one or two.  

  2. Amazon rejected my review. so here.
    Uuuuuur Ahhhhhrrr Uhrrr Ahhhrrr Aaargh, December 29, 2012

    By chewy

    This review is from:
    Chewbacca Messenger Bag (Standard)
    Aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaar rrgh!
    Grrf. “Unghuhuhn
    gawurhrhrharrrarrrrh!””Wruwuwuwuw-uwuarrrrrrhhh.””Wruwuwuwuw-uwuarrrrrrhhh.” I
    found the leather supple and well tanned with a pleasing aroma. oh and

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