Pet chicken saves family from blaze

Kevin Hurd reports: "The smoke detectors were not working, the people inside were asleep. That is, until the chicken sensed something was wrong."


  1. I’m pretty convinced “the sky is falling” is an onomatopoeia based on the alarm call chickens make. Chickens have got it going on in the alarm department, but there are a lot of false positives.

    1. They’ve got a number of alarm calls! 

      I’ve got a few narrowed down:

      “It’s that fucking egg thief again! C’mon how long are we going to put up with this? Good for nothing rooster just stands there!”

      sounds nothing like

      “big thing big thing gonna kill us all”

      which sounds nothing like 

      “there’s big thing that feeds us, I’ve spotted big thing that feeds us maybe coming this way!”

      1. You should totally write a contemporary fantasy series about a magic dude with an ironic telepathic chicken sidekick.

      1. The Indian Cuckoo screams ‘one more bottle’ if you’re English-speaking and ‘the mango is ripe’ if you’re Hindi-speaking.

        1. Thanks, Antinous. I love learning how different cultures translate animal talk into their own language. One that I really like is the Blackfoot translation of magpie sounds: “Fly ahead and tie your bag on the next tree” or something to that effect and as reported by Walter McClintock a Yale graduate who photographed and lived Blackfoot people in 1896. He wrote a book, “The Old North Trail” about his experiences.

  2. The chicken read the Fox polls, knew they couldn’t be right, and raised the alarm. Good show, Henrietta!

  3. I’ve seen one of my hens defend her brood in the middle of the night from a fox  (she won) and if you raise them from chicks they become very much the pet. They like to sit on your lap and get stroked.  Never underestimate the power of a chicken! And you don’t have to remember to check their batteries every year.

  4. Well, heck, take that chicken to the Norske Nook over by Osseo and buy it a slice of blueberry cream cheese pie for a job well done, why dontcha?

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