Sand spider builds a burrow

Six-eyed sand spiders make their living by hiding, burrowing into the sand where they lie in wait of passing prey. Given that, it's a bit surprising how ... cute ... the process of burrowing looks. All I could think while watching this video was, "Awww, who's a happy spider?"

Via Brian Malow


    1. Religious arachnids using juveniles of apex mammalian predator as altars? Science is going to have a field day with that!

  1. It is sometimes hilarious to see to what other videos youtube refers at the end.

    This time, it’s the perverted dog:

  2. The cute factor is greatly enhanced when you outmass the spider by several orders of magnitude. If I were the same size as that spider, it wouldn’t be cute at all.

    (I wonder what other behaviors would appear cute if I were much bigger than I am now?)

    1.  Most of my cats behaviour is cute because I’m over 20 times her weight. Mouse or rat sized, most of the kitty play I find so adorable wouldn’t be nearly as cute…

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