Super Mario belt depicting the final level of the game

This handmade custom Super Mario belt, depicting the final level, was apparently created by Etsy seller SalukiFeathers, though the belt is not actually available through that store. The corresponding Reddit thread is kind of a mess, with the poster claiming that the belt was made as a Christmas gift for himself and/or his brother, by his sister, and so forth. Nevertheless, this definitely falls into the category of "awesome nerdcraft," and also, "shut up and take my money."

Super Mario Leather Belt with the exact layout of the final level in the original Super Mario :) ( (via Reddit)


4 Responses to “Super Mario belt depicting the final level of the game”

  1. Phart says:

    The buckle is from Super Mario Bros 3. anachronism

  2. Sean Crago says:

    That got fixed fast – Custom orders for $395 on Etsy:

  3. oasisob1 says:

    How much for a bracelet depicting the original Mario Brothers game?

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