Tiny nude figurines are crowd pleasers

Amy Crehore says:

The Crowd Pleaser and the VIP make perfect conceptual art pieces. Duchamp would be proud. I've always been a sucker for tiny things and these were nudes hanging around the house untouched, in the old packaging, so I took some photos. These are "the little people that add a lot".

Funny Little Nudes


  1. ouch, two and a half bucks for one blobby looking lil’ lady in what appears to be HO scale.  That’s a home-3d printer opportunity if I ever saw one.

    1. You would still have to paint her nipples and bush, but that would only take a minute or so. 

      You could even give her a real hairdo. 

    1. It does make me wonder what is going on in the modeler’s head that makes them want to put something a bit titillating into their model train sets. Of course they already do a lot of easter egg stuff in their environments, and maybe there is a bit of voyeur excitement when surveying a world they have created. This also may be a playful opportunity to express emotions that are typically oppressed in every day life.

      I was interested to see figures like this in actual displays, but couldn’t find anything. However I did find this interesting NSFW number: http://www.reynaulds.com/products/Viessmann/5001.aspx

      1. Heh.  “Action scene.”  If I weren’t broke in my usual post-Xmas way, I’d pony up the $43.44 right now.

      2. Scenes using figures like this one are actually quite common in model railroading. You usually don’t seem them in the Model RR magazines (’cause they don’t want to offend some folks) but I’ve seen all kinds of stuff during layout visits. 

        This figure is often used for a shower scene where you can peek inside the window of a house. 

        European modelers are more likely to do this than US folks. If I recall correctly, Miniatur Wunderland (http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com) in Germany has some racy scenes.

    1. Oo! Oo! I know! A scale model Black Rock City, with appropriately demented rolling-stock. That’s where.

  2. Funny to see this relic from my hometown, and a place I frequently drop lots of money on sculptural ingredients. It’s a family owned business and really good folks. 

  3. I showed this post to the owners today, who were tickled to be on BoingBoing, and said that kind or price tag would have meant it was sold many years ago.

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