Wedding ring found: "Lisa, 5th June, 2010."

A man, aided by a good samaritan, searched fruitlessly for his lost wedding ring on a snowy California highway. They gave up. The good samaritan returned later, however, and located it—only to realize he'd never got the owner's name or contact info. [AP]


  1. How many weddings could there have been with a “Lisa” on June 5th, 2010?  Start combing gift registries starting in CA – bet it wouldn’t take more than a few hours with the right Google search parameters.

  2. Doesn’t this story usually end with the good Samaritan finding Lisa and discovering her husband died in a car crash two years ago? That’s how they used to tell it when I was a lad

  3. I have a wedding band I found in Halifax, NS. 

    Gold. Smallish. Inside it reads, “Mary Beth  All My Love  Joe  08-24-90” The 90 is my best guess; it overlaps a maker’s mark.

  4. I once had an allotment and lost my wedding band while clearing weeds. After looking around for ages I still couldn’t find my ring, but I did find two other wedding rings and a watch belonging to the couple who had owned the allotment before me.

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