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18 Responses to “Porcupine bites skier”

  1. apparently he used to be Telluride’s mascot http://www.visittelluride.com/blog/stickers-porcupine-relocates

    • taj says:

      Thanks for that link. Now I understand why the porcupine was hanging around the humans. Hope little Stickers readapts to the wild.

  2. Mildly amusing, but definteiyl

  3. SpaceOtter says:

    What a little prick!

  4. Anon_Mahna says:

    The nibbling was just foreplay…

  5. ocker3 says:

    “Why is my tree moving???”

  6. The_Tim says:

    FWIW, I think the gentleman holding camera actually said “I’m gettin’ it on video.”  He did mumble a bit though.

  7. oldtaku says:

    On the bright side, the teeth are still the safest end to be on.

  8. legotech says:

    Good on him for not whacking the little guy with his poles!

  9. william beaty says:

    Let’s go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Y U NO WHEE?!

  10. SoItBegins says:


  11. sqyntz says:

    was a friendly little bugger, right up to :03

  12. bobcorrigan says:

    Triomphe, the insult comic porcupine, tries out new material:

    “That is a lovely ski boot. . .FOR ME TO BITE ON.”