Raw Turkey Christmas cake

This magnificent raw turkey cake (orange and rum spice cake) was created by London's Sarah Hardy. Yum!

Raw Turkey Christmas Cake


  1. Whenever I see these sculptural cakes I really wonder if they taste good.    All that fondant and extraneous material doesn’t seem all that appetizing.  The best tasting cakes I have ever eaten have been plain and simple.  (I really can’t imagine ever wanting to eat one of those sculpted cakes they now base TV shows around.)  

    Anyone have any experience with these ?  Any blind taste testing?

    1. Normally, I’d agree, but that may not have to be fondant in this case.  A nice thick glaze poured over it could net a very similar effect.  The cake appears to have some kind of red outer coating, and you get the fleshy pink show through by varying the thickness – which would seem to be easier with a glaze than with fondant sheet… or so I can hope, anyway.  

  2. Cory, in regards to your use of the word “magnificent” to describe this cake: that word might not mean what you think it means!

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