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Stefan says:

I found this while tidying up a filing cabinet yesterday. Wow. I feel old. I think my subscription started with issue #9. This account is long closed and the address 15 years out of date, so I don't mind posting it.

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  1. Man, everything about that check makes me feel old. I joined that credit union when I got my first job out of school. It was the employee credit union for Pan Am airlines, which was winding down when I joined. There was this guy who ran a souvenir table in the branch near work; he sold Pan Am memorabilia. Post cards, flight bags, notebooks, that kind of thing.  It seemed so damn sad, that this airline that was supposed to run passenger service to a space station had been reduced to a table of knick-knacks.

    1. I have a set of Pan Am airplane headphones — real ones, not the air-tube plastic ones they used to have. They even work and they are so nostalgic.

  2. Is the content from #9 for “Home Surgery on Your Pets” online somewhere?  I’m intrigued, and possibly horrified.

  3. At least, you could have censored the adress or the numbers at the bottom of the check… it gives personnal informations about this person, who is maybe still alive and using this very same bank account…

    1. At least, you could have read the full blog entry where it’s clearly stated the address and bank account are both out of date.

      1. At least you could humor the unwitting and play along with the fabricated travesty!  As the rest of us are!  

  4. Probably not a great idea to be posting someones signature online either, regardless of rather or not those routing/account numbers and address are still in use.  Although previous addressed are used for identity fraud schemes and account verification through credit bureaus.

    1. I’m signing all my legal documents “Stefan Jones” from now on, in the same hand.  Thanks, Stefan, for your fine penmanship.

    2.  How often do you see a signature actually get a meaningful authentication? Because those are the situations where keeping it a secret will help you out.

      The rest of the time, requiring a signature makes it a little more likely someone will have committed fraud.

    1. Some of that is accurate. A lot isn’t.

      There is another Stefan Jones in Pittsburgh. And a couple in the Portland area.

      (In fact, when I lived in Pittsburgh, I got a few phone calls meant for the other Stefan . . . who I had met years before when he was a sales person and I was a sales trainer. And once in Powell’s I went to the customer service desk to answer a page and found one of the other Stefans there with his party.)

      1. You’re pretty stoic.  I must say I’d be creeped out by some person posting all that stuff under the name “.”  Well, my comments were pretty creepy too, but they were, honestly, meant in jest.

  5. I like that the bank lists their zip code but not their address.  Seems like a simpler time when mail was routed by people who knew things instead of OCR robots.

  6. I moved recently, and while cleaning up found a box of bOING bOINGs, Factsheet Fives, Mondo 2000s, receipts for modems that cost 200 dollars, and cancelled cheques made out to BBSs.  Doesn’t seem that long ago…

  7. The first time I ever even heard of Boing Boing was when I bought Issue 8 of Mondo 2000 (Diamanda Galas on cover) at a local comic book/magazine store (Shinders) in Minnesota. The cashier said…”this is good, but I like Boing Boing better”. Had NO IDEA what he was talking about…I think I was probably 16 or 17 at the time.

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