Wally Wood's incredible "Fully Computerized" illustration

Thom Buchanan of The Pictorial Arts says of this mind-boggling Wally Wood illustration:

This piece by Wally Wood, which I don't think was for EC [the comic book company that published MAD, Weird Science, and Tales from the Crypt], is genius for its organized complexity—seemingly effortless in its execution. Zoom in on the figures and see how fully realized they are! I cannot overuse the word when it comes to EC guys—they were geniuses!

Wally Wood's incredible "Fully Computerized" illustration


    1.  Even admiring Wally Wood as much as I do–and I do, believe me–I have to step in and say that Jack Kirby had a word for this sort of accomplishment: Tuesday.

        1.  It is nice to know that even today Mad is still going strong and still seems to have the knack. I remember cracking up a few years back when I saw an issue that had a mash-up called Marylin Hanson.

  1. um, yes, you can overuse the word genius. In fact, you did. But be assured, you have plenty of company. Enough to make the inevitable dictionary def of genius as: n. a person with any talent of any degree for anything.

  2. “Never draw what you can copy, never copy what you can trace, and never trace what you can cut out and paste up.”

  3. Further evidence that I’m getting old and trapped by the system: “Hah, great stuff — love all the ‘faces’ and organic forms in our new electromechanical overlords! But those stairways really need guard rails, especially with so many kids around.”

    Also, further evidence that being fully computerized is hard — kids reading analog books, guy shooting film.

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