Jerry Seinfeld on information design (1981)

Move over, Edward Tufte: here's Jerry Seinfeld's first appearance on The Tonight Show in 1981. He was 27 years old. During his bit, he makes a good point about weather forecasts. He says that typical television weather forecasts don't provide him with useful information.

They show you the satellite photo. A photograph of the Earth from 10,000 miles away. Can you tell if you should take a sweater or not from that? I have no idea. If I really need to know the weather I watch Romper Room, the kiddy show. They lay it on the line. If the little wooly guy on the wall gets a raincoat, I know what's happening.
(Via 22 Words)


      1. Getting called to the couch was extremely rare and Seinfeld wasn’t, but it wasn’t this that made careers on the Tonight Show; it was being invited back.

    1. Tufte’s appearance on Carson talking about Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow didn’t go over nearly as well

  1. There is so much bad design in the world that we can’t see the forest for the trees. Design is difficult and we generally don’t try, because we think it’s superficial rather than fundamental. One exception is Apple. But look how they are doing.

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