Just look at this gnarly conjoined banana.

Just look at it.



  1. Ray Comfort is currently working this picture into his creationism presentations to show how God even designed special bananas for conjoined twins.

    1.  Of course bananas have seeds. But through selective breeding, diploid and polyploid forms have been produced that reduce the seeds to a very tiny size. Next time you eat one, look at all those tiny black specks. Those are the seeds.

  2. Thanks for posting, Cory!

    Here is the unopened conjoined banana and an alternate view from the rear.  As for the taste I was surprised that they didn’t taste the same.  The one on the right tasted better.  The one on the left was a bit overripe. .

  3. It looks like they are about to punch through the viewer’s space helmet, a la “Alien” or “Preposterous”. 

  4. It’s the Fukushima Banana, twice the flavor and potassium as your ordinary banana.  As a new species found, do you get to name it and patent its genetic material?

  5. Seeing as how all bananas are clones of each other, that must mean that something in the environment caused that to happen.  I wonder what is was?

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