Airplane collides with car

2012 was a terrifying year for Russian dashcam videos, but the badness reaches its peak on Dec 29, with this footage of a plane disintegrating crosswise to busy highway traffic.

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  1. Driving in Russia must really harden a person . . .

  2. gwailo_joe says:

    It just so happens I was watching Russian crash videos earlier this evening…it must be a thing…

    Only 13 minutes but some jaw dropping footage (the plane into smithereens is pretty hard to beat though…)

    • bolamig says:

      While watching the video of cars losing traction I tried to think about steering into the slide.   Sounds easy in theory, but when the car is heading towards a guardrail or oncoming traffic it would require nerves of steel and well trained responses.  I’m glad for VSC.

  3. bolamig says:

    Speechless.  I remember when “snuff films” were considered taboo, but these days I see footage of people dying more often than I see stories of people being saved.  Hope there weren’t many passengers on that plane, and that I didn’t just see the remains of any of them.

  4. robcat2075 says:

    In Gibralter, i believe, a major road has to share part the runway of their airport; because of geography limitations both the runway and the road have to be where they are and they couldn’t do without either one.  But at least they have a traffic light to tell the jets and the cars when they can “go”.

  5. Max Allan says:

    This amateur video has 10 million hits. The ABC news report about the crash only 200k.
    And journalists try to tell us that professional journalism needs saving.

    • Steve Baldwin says:

       Professional journalism does need saving. ABC can fight for themselves all the way to the bottom.

      • B E Pratt says:

         I can remember when ABC started, it was the FOX of its day. Not totally right wing and all, but they DID change the rules of the TV news game. Before ABC, the news department was not even expected to make money for the network. It was more or less for prestige. ABC changed all that. The news was now supposed to generate profits.

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      Professional journalism does need saving. It’s just that informationally-vacuous disaster porn isn’t “journalism” and any alleged ‘journalist’ who engages in it deserves to be crushed by (much cheaper) amateurs.

      Were ABC actually busy doing Serious 4th Estate Speaking Truth To Power type stuff, they might actually get to qualify as ‘Professional Journalism’ and deserve some salvation…

    • andygates says:

      Just think for a moment about how a clip would go viral.  The original is much more likely, as it’s been around for longer, and has had an international start.  

      The best metric of professional journalism is probably not YouTube hits, hein?

    • Paul Davis says:

      compare and contrast the content of the video with the guardian report at

      now tell me that you think one is a substitute for the other.

  6. Red Monk says:

    In Russia plane rushes to catch you.

  7. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    What I want to know is why Putin didn’t just tear off his shirt and guide the plane back onto the runway with his glistening abs? He loves doing that sort of thing.

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